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Saturday, January 30, 2010


David said he liked it when he was mentioned in my blog.
David and I did not talk much. I never speak very much. David was too busy concentrating on the chess to talk. The game in the photo took place on the banks of a river in Shiga, Japan. The venue was David's idea. He has good ideas.
The white "bucket" just behind the chess board is David's portable barbecue.
Small, like David, but it works, unlike David. We cooked the squid on it, then ate it. It was a great day.
Jackie took the photo, and cheered Dave up after the losses.
Visit Jackie here.
This recipe reminded me of David and Jackie.
I have not tried it, as the sea is quite a long way from Bhutan. Let me know if you do try it.
Squid With Chilies and Greens


  1. Steph has alerted me to your blog Mark. Have been trawling through it. Hope Allan Gunn knows he has been featured.
    Don't suppose you have seen the film " Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' - very stylish!
    Have also been reading Dave's blog - he seems to be having a great time on Brigadoon. Shirley reckons she doesn't wasnt to visit Dave & Jackie as she might be invited out for a sail - terrifying prospect.

  2. Nice to see you here, Graeme.
    Is the movie out on DVD yet? It would make a nice birthday present.
    Don't tell Shirley about the time David tossed the anchor into the water, then realised that it was not attached to the boat. He did manage to retrieve it.