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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Rye Smile

Rye flour appeared in "Shop 7" late last year. Shop 7 used to be Number 7 on the main road in town. Now the shop has moved into its own building up in Motithang.  Lucky for us that live up there. The old name stuck. They stock things that foreigners like. Rye flour, for example.
Today I made a couple of loaves using the rye flour. The Bertinet book again. The recipe is for "pain de campagne", which sounds French. A home style loaf. The process takes a long time. The night before you mix up a ferment. Over night, it .... ah ...ferments, and when added to the other ingredients it adds wonderful flavours. A cheats sourdough.
After mixing in the ferment and kneading, the dough is left for two and a half hours. Then you form two loaves, and wait another hour and a quarter. And finally, the bread is baked.
Instead of steaming the oven, I heat up my large casserole dish, and bake the bread in that.
The bread can be left for a few days to age. If you can wait...

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