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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chess II

Detailed Analysis of My Loss:

Mat cheated?
I was sick?
I had an off day?
I let him win?
Must play properly next time?
White has a huge advantage?
I taught him all he knows?
It was just a dream?
The path is what counts?
He plays better than me!

So, I made another comic. It is a prize for my little brother.
Note: Mat was in NZ, and I was in Bhutan.
We played by emailing our moves.

Made in Comic Life


  1. I dip into your blog everytime I want to be enlightened - or just lightened :) This chess comic really made me laugh though. Brilliant!

    Jan (Mills now of Melbourne)

  2. Jan!
    Great to hear from you. Thought I had lost you. Very careless, I am. At least you got some enjoyment out of my little brother thrashing me at chess.