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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Over on my brother's blog, there is a post about chess. You should read it. He writes very well. This afternoon I challenged him to a game. It is certainly very challenging for me, and entertaining for the reader to see what a mess I am in...

This reminds me of when we would start up a sword-fighting game when we were kids. Mum tried pretty hard to stop us playing with guns, but when Dad had just cut the poplar hedge, there were all these great fencing foils on the ground.
A fight would start in a friendly way. Then things would escalate. One of us would get a fair whack resulting in an even fairer clout in return.
It always ended in tears.
The game is to be continued tomorrow afternoon.
There should be a poll over on the right. Please make a vote. The poll closes at lunchtime (Bhutan Standard Time) tomorrow  (Friday 15 Jan).


  1. Don't think you can outsmart your older and wiser brother.