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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Missing Links

Today I am baking some bread. More on that later, I hope.
Here are a few items that you may like:

First, a collection of weird facts. Klemens, did you know that naked rambling is legal in Switzerland? And the average number of friends is 150...BBC's 110 Things We Didn't Know Last Year....

Now, another blog from Bhutan. My friend (1/150th of all my friends) Karma, took me to a wonderful outdoor concert a few weeks ago. It was a sunny afternoon, and there was a small tent erected over a rickety stage. Behind the stage were the mountains. On stage was Noam Lemish. Like my brother Matthew, I am fond of Keith Jarrett. His music, that is. Noam played a European style of jazz, with Keith being one of his influences. Noam is working in Bhutan at a music school. Noam in Bhutan.

Mark Sinclair also bakes bread. If you bake bread, you may like to check out his videos. His sticky buns look great. Back Home Bakery Videos.

Oh, you can see what Matthew has to say about Keith Jarrett here.

Time to get on with my bread. You notice that I use an old MacBook as a bread board!

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