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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make that five

Here are a couple of squid recipes for Dave and Jackie. Others are welcome to try them out too. One is for barbeque squid with chilli.
Anyone got a spare barbeque? I do have the chilli.

Three posts in one day!

Hey, I wrote three posts in one day.
Rats, it is four now.

Run down

Does anybody out there (both of my readers) have a spare Sony NP-FE1 battery?
The one I use for my camera is stuffed. Without the battery, there are no photos for this blog.
If you do have one, please let me know. Then send the money for me to come and pick it up.
Alternatively, buy me a new camera. I like the look of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 with the 20 mm aspherical pancake lens. You can see some shots taken with that here.

Hopes dashed

There was a call from the delivery people. They got to the school gate, with my jacket. Ugyen was not there, but that was not the problem. The school would not let them in. Sounds crazy? Not really. Schools are government places, and Bhutanese are required to dress accordingly. Trousers are not appropriate, unless you are in the police. The police are permitted to be inappropriate.
Damn, damn, damn!

I wrote a fairly snarky letter suggesting that they either wear a gho (traditional male dress), or phone Ugyen when they get to the gates. She can then go and collect my jacket. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hope for my jacket

The jacket I ordered on 23rd May has not arrived yet. Several mails to Evans Cycles, in England, where I ordered the swish new rain jacket had not led far. They sent me a tracking number. Some progress, but the UPS site showed the parcel had been sent promptly from England, and travelled to Bangkok airport. It was scanned in there two months ago. There was no sign of a departure scan. Was the package stuck on a shelf at the airport? Or had someone decided to use my jacket?
Today, I got an email in my junk box. There have been a lot of requests for me to join "friends" on Facebook, or messages leading me to ads for Viagra. So this message was nearly deleted. This is what it said...


Kindly note,we hv pkg in ur name kept fm long time bk many time contact to ur address but all time old women pick up 
call and reply iam alone no one. So we are unable to get ur proper working address for delivery.
Therefore, Pse contact us to our delivery person..."

I did, and they said they would deliver it to my wife's school tomorrow. There is just one possible problem. Ugyen will not be at school tomorrow, as she has to attend a puja (Buddhist ceremony) for her late nephew. That is another story.