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Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Sprang Sprung

Thank you to Tomoyo for the spring photos from Japan.
Spring arrived here some weeks ago. There are none of the beautiful cherry blossom trees here, but the fruit trees provide some lovely sights as I cycle to work.
The school where I work did have a visit from a Japanese delegation. They had planned to give us some cherry trees to plant. Something went wrong with the logistics and another school got the trees. They did promise to put some trees on the next plane to Bhutan when they got home.
Obviously they have not got home yet.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am currently working on a new electronic device called...
the iWant.
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Inspiration

Graeme Eng!
Leading the pack up a steep climb.
Sure, he does have a great bike, but it takes a damn good pair of legs and lungs too.
Graeme has been a friend since I was at high school. There, he taught me English. Graeme was one of those teachers that teaches more than the subject. I liked the fact that he did not wear a tie; he was on the protests against the Springbok rugby tour; he acted on stage with the students; he encouraged differences. And lots more. Graeme was always training. He cycled to school. He ran around the school track after school, puffing like a steam train. Once I met him when I had just ran up on to the Port Hills on a blistering hot day. My first ascent. He told me I would not be up there again. I thought he was wrong. He was right.
Way behind Graeme you can see younger guys, in more fashionable lycra outfits, riding lighter bikes. I would like to go for a ride with Graeme. He would be civil enough to wait for me.