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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meet Nar and Daniel

There have been hundreds of requests to write about my new friends, Daniel and Nar.
All from Nar!

Nar works in agriculture, here in Bhutan. That is how I met him. He was supporting Russell, the Kiwi that was here to help with chicken breeding. We had a meal together and the relationship has bloomed. Nar introduced me to Daniel.

Daniel is working at a private school in the next valley. He teaches meditation, yoga and English. When the swimming pool is finished, he can teach swimming. The school pool is slightly behind schedule. Daniel was a monk in a previous life.

Since meeting, we have eaten out many times ... at restaurants and on river banks. Now we are planning an expedition to Nepal in early July. Nar will play the part of Tenzing Norgay, Daniel (being the tallest) will be Ed Hillary. I get to be the mountain, as my stomach has expanded to Everest proportions from all the eating out.

Shopping Update

No jacket yet. 
This morning I sent an email to Evans Cycles.
We have had quite a bit of rain lately, so I have been getting wet. 
The waterproof Rockport shoes that Matthew kindly donated have proved to be waterproof. However, the water runs off my legs and inside the shoes. Because the shoes are waterproof, the water remains there.
Still, my skin is waterproof too.
 Any suggestions?