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Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Knead Some Bread

Bread Baking Resources

I made bread today. It will take some time to get the photos up and ready for you, so have a look at these resources while you wait.

Here is some Mac software (free) which is useful, especially if you are easily distracted. You can set up several timers, or just add one when you like. I have it running over the top of my computer screen. Alarm Clock.

Jim Lahey of Sullivan St Bakery has a truly simple way to make bread....
There is no kneading (apart from a couple of folds). It takes a lot of time, but that is just waiting time. I first used this recipe and spread it around. My brother-in-law Klemens latched on to it. The dough is very moist though, but it turns out with large holes and great taste. Highly recommended. This is the recipe from the man himself. Here is an article from the New York Times which started things off in a big way. There is a video here. It is a good idea to watch this so you understand how wet the dough is. And how easy!

Richard Bertinet is in action making his sweet dough over here.
And his recipe for Bacon "Pastry Slice" is here.
Some more of his recipes over here.

Dan Lepard is another guy that I keep track of. He writes for the Guardian. There is a short article with some golden rules for bread baking here. Dan has another way to knead the bread, claiming that how you knead makes little difference. He favours kneading "briefly and intermittently on a slightly oiled surface". See here.

Julia Childs with Danielle Forestier. Great to see Julia at work play. When I saw here I thought she was a joke, she was using a flame thrower to brown a creme brulee. Who in their right mind would do that? Stephanie? Here, Julia is watching the traditional French baguette being made. The videos are at the bottom, after the recipe.

Don't forget about The Fresh Loaf website. The link is on the right of the page. A large community of bread makers with plenty of recipes and lots of helpful advice.

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