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Saturday, January 16, 2010

More on Bread

Pizza On Yathra

Last night it was pizza for dinner. The pizza dough is from "Dough", the first Richard Bertinet book. The topping? A dribble of chili-orange oil (see this post), some tomato mix, thin slices of sausage (so it goes further), red onion, mushroom, "pizza cheese" (a bit like plastic), salt and pepper. Not bad.

Yesterday, I learnt how to put a horizontal line!

Nigel Slater writes for The Observer. I enjoy his writing. This article is titled "All You Knead is Love". He relates how it is possible to fit bread baking into your day. And that it is much easier than you thought. The foccacia recipe looks good.
Nigel Slater on baking the foolproof loaf.

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