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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things I Miss 4

While I do miss my sister, today's thing is Fish and Chips. And I will include wine too. There is a beer in the photos too, but I was never a big drinker of beer. Besides, we get some decent beers here.
F 'n' C ("Feeshers" in the Turner dialect) is something that I pine for when I get home on Friday and do not feel like cooking. The ability to jump on the bike and ride a few minutes to a supply of something hot and greasy. Not necessarily healthy, and not always that great tasting. But fast, relatively cheap, and filling. There are no fish and chips shops here. You can get fish and chips at some of the restaurants. But who eats fish and chips at a restaurant?
Wine is available too, but it costs the earth. And tastes like it.
The other night I attempted to make my own fish and chips. The chips came out quite well. The fish came from a packet. Frozen. Thin. Lots of crumbs. Not much fish. Two thin rectangles masquerading as two chunks of meaty fish covered in batter. They were pathetic.
Something else is missing here. It is the culture. The shared understanding.
"Two fish, one scoop?" would be met with a blank stare here.
Back home, Matthew would be heading to get his bike to join me.
Note: I stand corrected. The word was "Feeshies" or "Feeshees". Turner Talk was a spoken language, never a written one.


  1. Wine I can do without with my fish and chips, but an absolutely essential accompaniment is Watties tomato sauce (it MUST be Watties). Incidentally, I always thought it was "feeshees". Have I been pronunciating it wrong all my life?

  2. You could be right on the "feeshees". Let me do some research ... Stephanie? And Martin, what was the spelling?

  3. Yes - it was pronounced 'feeshies' but I have never needed to write it until now! Porridge was 'pongers' or 'pongas'.
    Marky - where was that photo taken? Strangely I can't remember even though that's me in the photo!

  4. Looks like Matthew and Keiko's place. His bike is in the background of one picture. Does that yellow plate tie in?

  5. And I, in turn, have discovered fish and chips, and am missing you.

  6. Thanks, JF. Where are you now?
    There are still a few coffee beans left to remember you by. I am eking them out. And the sandwich maker. That may get a special report!

  7. Ah yes - Matthew and Keiko's little courtyard. T'is indeed!
    Our local fish and chip shop was damaged in the earthquake but has just reopened, so must visit soon.