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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things I Miss 2


Water that just comes when you turn on the tap.
A few years ago, the water was fine. In the weekend, when everyone in the apartment washed clothes, the water would run out. There would be a few hours without running water.
Now, we get an hour when water trickles, and not every day. Yesterday, there was none.
We have to manage things. When we hear the water, we man the buckets. Not all the taps go. In the kitchen, there is a large red bucket. Water gets ferried from the bathroom to the kitchen. Then other buckets are filled up and left in the bathrooms.
Today, the red bucket is nearly empty, and the bathroom ones are all empty. That means trips down to the outside tap. The down is easy. The up four flights with laden buckets is more tiresome.
But we are not as badly off as others. Now, out the window, I see people from other apartment buildings carrying their buckets to the tap at the neighbouring construction site. That tap must have running water.

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