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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mango Lassi

Another bit of our family language was Dr Turner's Health Drink. Dad was known for his culinary skills, having lured mum with his steak and kidney pie. He made her initials out of pastry. I recall mum keeping those for some time. Mum had a super-duper Kenwood mixer. One of the attachments was a mincer, and I remember being fascinated watching the worms spiral out the end. Dad found a use for the blender. He regularly mixed up his so-called health drink. Perhaps dad can give us the recipe. I remember bananas being one essential ingredient, and there was probably a few scoops of ice-cream. I guess the ice-cream was the healthy part!
There is a blender here. Ugyen won in it in a raffle. She used it once to mix up suja, the local blend of tea, butter and salt. Another health drink. However, she did not put the lid on securely and ended up plastering the kitchen and her face with hot suja. She put the blender away and never used it again. I found it covered in dust, and resurrected it to whizz up a rather nice spinach-paneer curry.
I found a recipe for mango lassi recently. It could be made with a blender, but I just use a whisk. It is damn easy to make. Ludup never says no to a glass of Mark's Mango. I love the Bhutanese respect for the aged and infirm.
To make the mango lassi mix yogurt and mango juice in equal quantities. Add a pinch of cardamom, a squeeze of lime juice and whisk away.
Serve in a tall glass with the blue Himalayan sky in the background.


  1. I was looking wishfully at Kenwood mixers the other day. They still look pretty much like mum's one. The basic design hasn't changed but they had a snazzy bright red one which I thought would look rather nice in my kitchen.
    I used to love watching the meat come out of the mincer too. Mum used to mince left over roast meat and make shepherd's pie.
    Ah yes - Dr Turner's health drink. I think it was milk, milo or bournvita, a banana and icecream!

  2. What kind of flowers are those in the glass?

  3. Glass flowers... pink and blue.

  4. What a beautiful image of the Himalayan blue sky and what a pretty glass : )

  5. Thanks Cuz.
    For those not in the know ... "cuz" is short for cousin, but in NZ (and some of its off shore islands) it can be used for a person one is close to, but not related to... you know, not a real cousin. But it can be a real cousin. Understand?