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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Losar

Today is the start of Bhutan's New Year.
Happy Losar to all.
Here is the first line of the Bhutanese year.

You see the Dzongkha script. The red numerals are for holidays.
The observant will notice that both days have the same Bhutanese number (that is a one).
This happens on other days in the calendar. It is something to do with the calendar being based on the moon. I imagine this conversation...
"See you on the 1st, then."
"Oh, which one?"

The first month of the year is auspicious, and so no meat is to be sold. Many people have been stocking up at the meat shops. Meat may not be for sale, but that will not stop them eating it. Interesting that some Buddhists can eat meat.

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  1. Happy Losar with Milarepa
    BB elf ~