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Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Porridge

I have talked about porridge before. The Guardian has another post on the perfect porridge here. I am not sure if my oats are pinheads or rolled. There is not much choice here. They come in a plastic jar, are packed in India, and originate in Australia (or so they say). One thing I am trying, is to toast the oats first. This does give a nuttier flavour. Earlier in my life, I was exploring dal recipes, and found the same thing there. Spend the first few minutes tossing the lentils in a dry frying pan before you boil the hell out of them in the pressure cooker and the taste improves. While the Guardian suggests that salt is a must, I leave it out. Not because I am worried about my salt intake, but because it was too...umm... what's the word ... salty.  But I was put off brown sugar after reading a New York Times article about the toxicity of sugar. Read it here. My preferred topping is honey. I think my cooking raisins in the porridge phase is over.
What do all my beloved readers have for breakfast?


  1. Two slices of Vogels toast with Ceres organic peanut butter (crunchy) and a milky coffee.