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Monday, November 14, 2011


Hey, look at today's date. All those ones at the end.

Oh, last Friday was all ones. I missed it.

11-11-11 slipped by me, even though I had been reminded of it the day before, and vowed to honour it. It happened to coincide with several grand occasions here in Bhutan. First, it is the fourth king's birthday, Constitution Day and most importantly, Children's Day. That meant we had to go to school and celebrate with the students (those that could be bothered turning up). There are some photos in the Pelkhil School photo gallery:
Click on "Children's Day". If you click on "Awaiting HM's Arrival" you will see some of my photos from when we waited 6 hours for the king to arrive in Thimphu with his new queen.

If you want some mathematical celebrations from 11-11-11, have a look here: Highly recommended. You should.

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