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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I got a short message from Karma, in response to yesterday's 'Ugyen' post.
"Please write about me :)" 
He could really mean not to write about him, playing some kind of double entendre. 
But I am not sure, so I will write about him. 
I have not spoken to him much since he returned from studying in America. Now his messages come to me with 'Written on my glorious iPhone' or 'From my new and fancy iPad' attached on the bottom. (A little poetic license on my part there.)
It would be nice to get together with him for a decent chat. Conversations with Karma are always very stimulating. He has lots of good ideas. Creative thoughts. 
And if he is tired of his boring old iPad, he might give it to me.
You can read of an earlier adventure to Phajoding with Karma here.

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