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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Loafing Around

After the inspiration from Gérard, I headed to the kitchen. Gently stretching the balls of dough into perfect ovals, then tenderly rolling them up ... with minimal movements and Zen-like timing ... I formed two boastfully beautiful bacchanalian batards.
Then, an innovation (copied from others) ... I covered the loaves with a baking tray before placing them in the oven. This cover kept the steam surrounding the bread as it baked, thus improving the rise in the oven. 


  1. After just two weeks in Bhutan, I totally understand why you make the effort to bake your own bread.

  2. Welcome to Bhutan, Andrea. Are you in Thimphu? Baked any bread yet?

  3. I'm in Thimphu and I don't have an oven!

  4. Nice looking bread, T.

    You're a clever little batard!

  5. Hi Mark,
    You are invited to a blogger meet up, if that sort of thing is of interest to you.