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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Feast of Recipes

As kids, we used to play a game with a catalogue of toys. Going through the pages, one by one, we would have to choose one item from each page. You had to pick quickly, before other players took the one you wanted.
Now, I don't play that game much, probably because Matthew is in another land. However, I do spend time online filling up shopping carts. Unfortunately, my wallet is empty, so the carts remain full.
This morning, I found yet another site with food recipes. It was the Los Angeles Times. One page that kept me busy for several hours was the following page with a long list of recipes from restaurants.
Which recipes would you like to try? Click on the link below to find them.
Happy New Year!
Culinary SOS: Your recipe requests answered -


  1. I like the look of the coffee creme brulee. And the caramel banana bread pudding...
    Happy New Year bro!


  2. Ahh. I sent the recipe for the coffee brulee to Letho already. Last night I had the best Mac "n' Cheese for dinner. And lunch today. And most probably dinner tonight. Other people in the Bhutan family seem to be nibbling at it though. Do you use the flame-thrower much?

  3. I use the flame thrower when I make creme brulee. Haven't made one in a while. What sort of cheese did you put in your mac n cheese? I see one recipe has 5 different cheeses!

  4. There were three cheeses in mine... datshi (the local cheese ball); Amul cheese (close to plastic); and a mozzarella cheese (not really mozzarella, but it melts nicely). Please send cheddar.