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Monday, January 31, 2011

Awarness 4

The Walking Fool had an embarrassing admission on his blog the other day. But I am sure that many people, even non-walkers, would be fooled by teetotaller. In fact, the Google spellchecker has just underlined it in red! But that was because of the British spelling with two ells.
At least the Fool did not emblazon his lack of awareness across the world as the headline in a newspaper. And not on an article about education.
See this article from a NZ news website: Roll models for tomorrow.
In case it gets edited, I took a snapshot.
Or do you think they were being ironic?


  1. Maybe they are trying to be clever and playing on the words role and roll (school roll)? But it isn't very clever and it does just look like a spelling mistake!

  2. Yes, you could be write. Perhaps the peace is about baking bred roles. Or doing summer salts. I hope the righter does not sea my blog.

  3. My favourite is when real estate agents describe a property as 'sort after'!