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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sometimes my wife gets a little angry with me. She is not angry in this photo.
I think you will agree that she is rather beautiful.
We come from very different backgrounds. It is amazing that we ever met, considering how far apart we started. Was it a long series of coincidences? Ugyen's first husband dying. My first marriage ending. Ugyen moving to Thimphu and a job at Motithang. The position in Bhutan teaching mathematics that I applied for and won. Then the long romance by mail and email. I since discovered that it was one of Ugyen's friends who was writing some of her replies. That was a surprise. Ugyen assures me that she meant what her friend said.
Or was it karma? Karma is not easy to fathom. It is something that Westerners hear of. We misinterpret it. It is reassuring to know that the bad things happening to you are due to a cause. And that the suffering is helping in some way.  The pain can even be reduced.
The cause is yourself. At least, your actions. Your actions are not you.
I am not sure if meeting Ugyen was due to good actions or bad actions. Then again, good and bad are just my interpretations. When I will I free myself from such dualistic thoughts?

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  1. HI,
    you might be tempted to use Madhyamika to analyse or rationalize your meeting with Ugyen. It could be one of the many types of emptiness.

    Can you summerize what is Poincare conjecture in one sentence? Your home work!! to another...empty meeting.