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Sunday, May 23, 2010


My brother, Matthew, keeps us informed of his shopping exploits: see here and here.
Not to be outdone by the wee chap, I had to respond.
The rainy season has arrived here in Bhutan. With that has come the rain. It is not a heavy monsoon rain, but is still rather wet. I have never been a big fan of swimming. But warm rain is something I can get used to.
I have a nice cycling jacket which I bought many many years ago. It was on sale ... a second for some reason. Made of GORE-TEX, it keeps out the rain, and lets out my perspiration. Very useful as I slog up the long hill home every school day. As I lovingly placed the jacket over the back of my chair at home, I noticed that the inner layer had perished. The layer that stopped the rain, and breathed my hot air.
I had a nice cycling jacket!
After many enjoyable hours searching all the online bicycle shops in the world, perhaps the universe, I finally placed my order this morning.
Evans Cycles is in the UK. Unlike the Book Depository, their free Worldwide Delivery actually includes Bhutan. Or so they say. Let's see if it gets here before celebrating.
In the meantime, the old jacket will have to suffice.


  1. Hey, I was just about to blog about my own new jacket (Marmot), but you've beaten me to it. So, what colour is yours?

  2. I bought some new socks AT A SHOP yesterday!

  3. I wish I could buy socks at a shop.

  4. Dark blue and a tweedy browny pair. They look really cool. I thought they might be a bit big but they fit snugly. They aren't waterproof but I guess that's why we have shoes? Farmers wouldn't do free shipping to Wildberry Street but they did put them in a free bag for me so I could carry them home.I'm really happy with them.